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the art of Exclamation!

Charles Blood wants to make a point, lots of them. Blood creates his art out of his Crestwood home, and while his forte is decorative painting such as distressed faux cabinetry, floors, murals and furniture, a newly-acquired iPhone gave him a new outlet for his creativity.

"I started texting, and I realized that people use a lot of exclamation points," he said. "Then I really began noticing them on television ads, and I got to wondering, why all the exclamation points? I like them from a graphic point of view, and it means a myriad of things like excitement, caution, fun, fear, and anger.
"A question mark can only mean one thing," he continued. "What?"

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Local designers line up to hire Charlie Blood, whose talents run the gamut.

Charlie Blood always had a flair for the dramatic. "Besides doodling in the margins," he says, "I did murals and worked on set designs in high school." Blood helped redo Lafayette Square's "painted ladies," and in 1986, he launched his business replicating a wide range of surfaces.

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